Top Quality Outdoor Services originally started with an idea and a leaf rake. We then transformed to a small one-man operation, equipped with only a minivan and basic lawn tools. With the drive and motivation of owner Liam Babcock and his dedicated staff, we grew into the successful company we are today. Through excellence in service and quality, we keep our customers satisfied and are sought after to execute both commercial and residential projects. We take pride in what we do, and are proud to emerge as one of the most respected companies in this community.

What our Customers Say

Dear Liam,

I wanted to write and acknowledge the results of your efforts in our recent installation of  improvements to our drainage system.
As you will recall, about two months ago, you installed over 220 lineal feed to 6” drain, a combination of both hard pipe and perforated (French Drain) extending from the city’s ditch back to the rear of our property.  In that process you connected to two existing French Drain systems and our pool outflow.

The system has been tested several times by fairly intense showers and has worked exactly as intended.  We are very pleased with the design and operation of the system and want to thank you for the time and effort that went into its construction that have produced these good results.

I’d be glad to serve as a reference for any potential client who might want a customer’s comments on your work.

Best regards,

Matt Hardey